A little about us!

A little about us…where should I start?

My husband William and I have been together since 2009, we met in Kansas while we were both serving our great country. We got married in 2012 in Las Vegas (elvis was not present),but have no children together. My hubby has 3 wonderful kids from his prior marriage and I feel as though they are my own.

After we were both discharged from the Army we tried our hand at a couple different jobs and a couple different cities, nothing seemed to stick tho.

We were lucky to come across the perfect job for us after a couple years of not seeing each other working at factories on opposite days, and opposite shifts. Now we spen every minute together and we get to travel this wonderful nation. Before we got this opportunity I was like many people and only dreamed about traveling full time. Their are so many places I want to go and so many things I want to see, tho we have yet to see everything (I don’t know if it’s even possible in a lifetime) we have been many places and crossed some places off the bucket list that we didn’t know we’re even on it, and have made many new freinds across the country.



We have been work traveling now for a couple years. We have spent atleast one night in almost every state west of the mighty Mississippi. We have learned the art of Boondocking, and the art of cheep camping. My William spend many hours on Google maps looking for our next parking location. Which for us seems to be the most difficult part for us because of our job.

The only down fall with a ¬†traveling job is that you don’t get to choose where we are going or how long we are going to be their. However that is also the best part about it. We may not get to spend 2 weeks at the Grand Canyon, but we got to spend 4 months in the Olympic state. And let me tell you if you have never been their it is one of those places that remind you how amazing planet earth really is.

After 2 years of RV living 365, we have allowed ourselves the joy of buying 2 Dual-sport motorcycles to haul in our toy-hauler travel trailer and the only time we r apart is while he is driving his truck and I am driving mine. We are finally able to enjoy getting to places we want to explore and neither of us is board on the way. The only thing we need to figure out now it how to put our inflatable kayaks on our Dual-sport motorcycles.

I hope you will come along with us and share in the Adventure chapter of our lives.