DIRTY TURTLE off road park


Dirty Turtle Birthday Bash

We found a great off road park in northern KY this weekend, The DIRTY TURTLE. Tho this park is geared more towards the big 4×4 truck (bouncers and mud trucks) we had a blast with our Dual-sports on the trails. For me it was a great way to learn and get more comfortable on my dr200s (which will be upgraded to the drz400sm eventually).


Their is also camping at the Dirty Turtle it is strictly dry camping (boondocking). The thing we notice about being out there and boondocking is that you won’t run out of power cause you are rarely in your camper. The best thing about it was being able to unplug from society for a few days and socializing with a ton of people who enjoy doing the same things you like to do. It is hard to find like minded people while your on the road all year long so being able to take a few days to connect (in person) again is refreshing.

The park itself is not really all that large but they have some good trails. For me, it was the perimeter trail because it was the only one that didn’t have big rocks or hill climbs which are great for more experienced riders. (I am not so experienced) Their is also 2 great motocross tracks their to check out. However one is not part of the Dirty Turtle property. I have never riden one before and have wanted to try it out, it’s not for me. I prefer the woods and trails, just like my William.


They host a number of events throughout the year and also on non-event weekends you can camp and ride the trails. On event weekends they have sponsors their with booths set up for shirts and hats and things. They also have a few food venders. We noticed that after the events were over (sunday) that a lot of the people out on the trails were 4 wheelers and dirt bikes. So just because the Birthday Bash was all about 4×4 trucks and Razors doesn’t mean you should pass this place up.


Thanks for reading and we hope you come back to see our next adventure. And check out our Facebook page aswel.

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