Idel hands

We have all been their…what are we to do on the rainy cold days when you just want to sit on your but and watch TV.

My husband and I are very active people and I cannot stand to sit and do nothing all day. I tend to get very antsy and we end up going out and spending money! When I say we spend money its usually between $300 to $1000 @ one store. Not always the best option, considering we are trying to save for retirement and pay off all of our bills. We don’t do this all the time but it seems at least once a month we get to the point that we feel we need to do it. Granted we don’t buy what we don’t need (usually) I mean where would we keep it.

I enjoy reading, but I will get so into a book that I completely ignore my other half and have it finished in a day…crocheting is another one for me, but I’m not really that good at it and I tend to get board with it.

The hubby it attached to his phone like a lifeline sometimes, but he is good about putting it down when their is good weather and we can take out the motorcycles or kayaks.

So I am requesting that everyone leave a comment below and perhaps we can start a new way to share our ways to keep busy while on the road.


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