Kayaking Twin Falls ID Snake River   Recently updated !

The Snake River that dicects the beautiful state of Idaho is known world wide for its white water rapids. I have endured them before when I was a teen, and I loved it. However seeing as my husband and I are a bit more relaxed these days we took on the Snake River a different way.

I hate to say it but I don’t think their is enough exposure to the calm waters that are just north of Twin Falls Idaho. If you have ever crossed the big blue bridge going into the town from interstate 84 you get a great view of the river and might catch some base jumpers taking the plunge off the bridge.


My hubby and I were in the area for work and had some down time over the weekend. So we decided to check out the visitors center and discovered we could kayak to Shoshone Falls from Centennial  waterfront Park, which is conveniently just down the road from the visitors center. We dropped in around 10 in the morning and we didn’t get back until late about 5 pm. The treck down river is beautiful with the high rock walls and small waterfalls.

About half way to Shoshone Falls you will come to Pillar Falls. You will have to carry your kayak across the falls but it is so worth it. Even if you decide to stop their and spend the day it great. Their are many pools and rock formations to wander around to.


From here it is about another mile to Shoshone Falls. With the drought and the time of year we were here, when we got to the falls and they had the water flow to a minimum. Tho it was still impressive and very cool to get up close and personal with the falls.


I know it would have been much cooler to see the falls in full force but how often can you get this close. And we spent some time on a small island that was their because the water was so low, and we’re able to take in the sights and peace that comes with being in  a place like this.

I hope we can inspire others to take this treck and experience the serenity that it bringshould to your soul.

Thanks for reading and we await your remarks.

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