Ruby Mountains In Nevada

New life

It has been months scince my last post. I am unsure that I will continue to post but here is an update to our lives.

We have decided to hang up the keys for a while and move to northern Nevada, Back to the town I grew up in. My family still lives their and have started their very own hobby farm. I wish we could begin posting from our own farm but that is not in the cards yet. We will be moving to a working ranch and trying our hand at being cowboys. Every little kids dream, and we r going to do it. I will be growing my garden and studing homeopathy. I am hoping to grow everything we need and hopefully raise our own cows and hunt our meat. We will be doing everything we can to become self-sufficient and stop relying on a grocery store.

With this change in our lifestyle I will be changing alot with this website and the way I share our trials and tribulations. I hope everyone will share what they know, and help us as much as possible.

Thank you all and I hope you continue to follow us.

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