Southwest Indian Off Road Park


We have spent 2 weeks down south near Evansville IN. This is the first opportunity we have had to get our supermotos out on some trails and see how they do.
We were not let down, their are two great off road parks just outside of Linville IN. Unfortunately we were only able to make it out to one of them but I give it a big thumbs-up. The park we went to had a large parking lot, restrooms and 2 or 3 different trail heads starting @ the lot.

Their were many people out their with 4 wheelers and side by sides. We didn’t see any jeeps or trucks on the trails but their is plenty of room for them.

The trails were a great mix of hard pack and mud, granted it had just rained a couple days before we got out their, the park also has access to a lake off one of the trails. A lot of the rideing area was open and sunny.However, theirs even good trails for those who push their bouderies and enjoy forest/woods rideing on tight trails.

This is the day that I learned not to hold onto my bike with my knees while standing and racing through deep mud. I was trying to stay center line and keep my bike semi clean when my front tire slipped to the right into a deep rut and my body went to the left. Gravity decided I was ment to take a face plant and forced my motorcycle to become brown instead of black.


However long it took me to get my bike clean (I’m sure their is still some mud on it) we wouldn’t take that day back for anything. We had an absolute great time and will go back when we have another chance to.

(Comments and recommendation welcome. Thanks for reading!)

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