Tips and Tricks

For all you occational boondocks out thier, we have happened across one of our greatest finds yet!

Now we understand that the true blue boondocker has a generator and or solar power to completely run their rv. For those of us who do not boondock all the time but do it occasionally when traveling from place to place.

The question remains, how do we cool off our rv if we cannot run our generator or do not have one?

RYOBI tools make a batery powered fan!


WHAT! Yes we have solved the age long question, and we can do it with no shore power.

The only place we have found the RYOBI products is Home Depot. This particular one will run you about 40$ plus a batery and charger. We have a few of their other products so we just bought a second batery. The fan has two power settings and you can also plug it in using an extension cord.



We would recommend this to anyone, even if you are connected to shore power 365. This little baby is powerful and just a great addition to you bag of RVing tricks.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to your coments.